Andre on Auroville
Building Auroville

Auromodele Atelier team of architects is a multicultural patchwork of seasoned and younger architects, working under the guidance of Andre Hababou, the senior partner. The diverse cultural background, enrich the lively spirit of the team. All the collaborators have come to work in Auroville with a special aim: to manifest Architecture that will reflect their higher aspirations. With that in mind, we investigate and explore the latest ideas and technologies to integrate them into our designs, be it in developing green environment, within which buildings leave a light carbon footprint, or in creating intimate and personalized interiors that express the comfort of modern living.

In the words of Andre Hababou, "Auromodele Atelier is a place where a good work atmosphere is conductive to creativity and to the expression of the inner self through one's creation."


Andre Hababou, born in Tunisia in 1942, moved to France at the age of fourteen and attended the "Ecole des Beaux-Arts" in Aix en Provence. In this renowned school, he studied Arts and Architecture, but in 1964, discontent with the rigid education and the materialistic French lifestyle, he withdrew from school. He came to India in 1968. Andre worked under the guidance of Roger Anger, Chief Architect of the city of Auroville, the town envisioned by the Mother, in Tamil Nadu, India, and for the past 40 years, he has practiced architecture in and around Auroville creating numerous private residences, apartment buildings and commercial facilities. He is cited and published, most recently, in the journal Architecture + Design.


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