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The Mother
Roger Anger
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"I studied architecture, but innerly felt more drawn to the more anarchistic artists with whom I studied painting; people who needed more freedom."Beaux Arts"gave me the basics of architecture, but the fulfilment of designing came with working under the Mother's guidance; with Roger Anger, the freedom to create Auroville.
"I came here when I was 26 and the Mother asked me to work with Roger. She foresaw an Auroville recreation port and an Olympic stadium. I was very surprised to hear about these things, in the name of what was to be a spiritual community. The notion of a spiritual path that was removed from asceticism drastically changed my perception of what Auroville could be.

"I learned that architects can serve humanity through love and respect for life; seeing the deeper values of buildings and their environments. We came with old Western spiritual values, holding that money is evil; but Mother gave her spiritual guidance and each found him- or herself at the right place. I became mature under Her guidance and in working with Roger, who had the power to make people work together. India was a paradise for western architects, with very few codes and restrictions. But then, our materials in the seventies were limited to cement in bags, bricks, terracotta tiles and wood. We used ferro-cement to express volume. There were many climate aspects that were new to me and encouraged me to think at least twice about my designs.

"I design houses for individuals and families. Auroville has diameter of 2,5 kilometre and is to contain 50,000 people. In designing Auromode, I have learned to design for high density; allowing for nature on roofs, terraces and walls; with green ponds that filter waste water for irrigation.
"I try to express beauty and harmony, in a blend with functionality. In my work there is a steadfast concern to find this beauty in a form as well as in the integration of that unique form with natural or cultural elements.