Auromode garment atelier
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New Creation school
Surrender community
Surrender phase 2
Auromodele, residence 1
Auromodele, residence 2
Canyon project, draft
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Living room

Easten view

Swimming pool filter and shower

Entrance view

Side entrance

Step-garden and pond

North view

Auromodele community, Prema residence

This house lies in the community of Auromodele, where Roger Anger and his school built some of their designs for Auroville; as elsewhere in the community. In the seventies, the Auromodele land was sloping and barren, inviting architects to work with curves; engaging them into a deeper understanding of space and volume.
The residence was designed by Roger Anger and Andre Hababou. Initially, on paper, the curved forms on a single storey level showed good, but they did not afford enough space in reality; so a second floor was drafted and put into place. The house is currently known as Prema's residence.

The Auromodele area has about twelve houses in similar styles. There is common water management and within decades its many acres turned lush green. The community residents meet to decide about major developments.

Client: Prema
Place: west of Auroville (Auromodele)
Design: Andre Hababou,
Contractor: Govinda
Built-up area: 125 sq m
Cost of project: Rs 35 lakh
Project status: completed 1998

Prema residence, West view