Auromode garment atelier
Tibetan pavilion
New Creation school
Surrender community
Surrender phase 2
Auromodele, residence 1
Auromodele, residence 2
Canyon project, draft
Bakery Garden Project

Front view

Rear view

View to pergola

Auromodele community, Jean Francois residence

Thirty years ago, Roger Anger created this style for elongated community building in Auroville. In 2004 Andre followed up with the design for an extension to Auromodele community; known as Jean Francois' residence. One can see similarities in the styles of architecture. Each house within the compound is different, yet within a whole that suggests the blending into an ensemble. In this design much use has been made of natural materials.

Client: Jean Francois
Design team: Andre Hababou, Yohan V. (j.a.)
Consultant: Govinda
Contractor: Govinda
Cost of project Rs 14 lakh
Project status: completed 2007