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New Creation school
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Auromodele, residence 1
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New Creation school

Water tank

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New Creation school

Much of the research for New Creation School went into the blending of buildings with their natural surrounding. The aim was to create, with new technologies and away from traditional architecture, a harmonious atmosphere for education. This has lead to a modern style relating to Indian climatologic circumstances and culture. The result is four modern classrooms that can open out to nature, thanks to wide shady overhangs. A small playground for the kindergarten lies around the water tank and a swimming pool.

Client: SAIIER
Place: at the S.W. of Auroville
Design team: Andre Hababou,
Contractor: Djebalan
Built-up area: 400 sq mts
Cost of project: 13 lakh Rupees
Project status: completed in 1987