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Tibetan pavilion

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Pavilion of Tibetan Culture

Commenced on the word of Dalai Lama, this pavilion reflects the geometric form of the Tibetan kalachakra mandala. He met the Mother in Pondicherry (1973) and visited Auroville. He returned in 1993 to lay the foundation stone for the pavilion. His Highness had asked that the inner courtyard might have a fountain; which was made in harmony with the multifunctional spaces that surround it. The fountain takes up much of the courtyard, with benches, which makes it a harmonious place for meeting.

The design relates to the many-winged monasteries that are built in layers up against the Tibetan mountains. To achieve the view of the resulting contours, the roof of each grid is resting on the one preceding it. The pavilion walls slope outward towards the ground; as they do in Tibet; giving earthquake resistance. The result is an impression of different levels, recalling or calling up images of Tibet.

Client: Dalai Lama of Tibet
Place: international zone of Auroville
Design team: Andre Hababou, Shiva Kumar
Contractors: Centre for Scientific Research. Auroville
Built-up area: 476 square meters
Cost of project: Rs 1 crore
Project status: under construction